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The Path to Productivity, Performance, and Profit

2023 State of Business Communication

In 2022, our State of Business Communication report with The Harris Poll found that miscommunication costs US businesses $12,506 per employee per year. Now more than ever, there is a direct line between effective communication and business results. Our 2023 report explores the daily impacts of miscommunication and how companies can activate effective communication to achieve goals. Identify opportunities to get the most out of this essential part of business.

A perfect storm: Communication challenges are growing

Today’s hybrid workplace is a whirlwind of communication. Quantity has increased, but quality is declining. The result is that businesses spend more time on a critical function and do it poorly, impeding efficiency and employee well-being.


written communication

Time spent on written communication has grown since last year



Leaders report a 12% decline in the effectiveness of written communication



Leaders report a 15% decline in productivity due to poor communication at work



Knowledge workers report a 7% increase in stress due to poor communication at work

Strong communication is the key to transforming business forecasts

Whether businesses win or lose depends on the effectiveness of their communication. Our study found that more seamless, empathetic, and high-quality communication among hybrid teams leads to cost savings, new deals, and a better brand reputation. 

Avoid the bottom-line risk


of business leaders report that ineffective communication increases costs


of business leaders state that inadequate communication has eroded brand reputation


of business leaders lost deals due to poor communication

Capture the business opportunity


of business leaders report that effective communication lowered costs


of business leaders state that quality communication improved their brand reputation


of business leaders say they have gained new deals thanks to strong communication

Investing in team communication empowers businesses to achieve blue-sky goals

Prioritizing investments in people's communication abilities enables each person to be proactive, responsive, and efficient at work. When communication is effective, it turns interactions into relationships and abstract business strategy into shared motivation.

Performance improves with confidence

  • Confident writers
  • Unconfident writers

Confidence in their work

7.8 / 10
6.2 / 10

Engagement in their role

7.7 / 10
6.5 / 10

Mental well-being at work

7.2 / 10
5.7 / 10

Reduce miscommunication for a brighter business forecast

The return on effective communication is clear as day—engaged employees, happy customers, and optimized productivity. These circumstances lead to revenue windfalls and business success.

Leaders report positive effects when communication is done right

72% say it increases productivity

63% experience higher customer satisfaction

60% notice more employee confidence

41% say it decreases their stress

Discover the full story

These numbers are just a sample of our findings with The Harris Poll. Uncover additional insights on the state of communication at work by downloading the full report now.

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