Calculate Your Team’s Miscommunication Costs

Could your company be losing $12,506 per person annually to ineffective communication? Our new report with The Harris Poll suggests it is. Use our tool to learn your team's writing costs and see how much you could save with AI-powered suggestions from Grammarly Business.

Unlock Your Communication Impact Scorecard

Adjust the toggles for your team’s size and time spent writing to see how effective communication affects your ROI.


Resources for Building Highly Effective Hybrid Teams (without the Burnout)

The communication disconnect between leaders and workers has staggering effects on productivity and accelerates burnout. Use these resources to protect your team from bottlenecks and build a playbook for asynchronous work.


We’re communicating more than ever, but why do we feel so disconnected? Decode the data with Abbey Lunney from The Harris Poll.


What’s getting in the way of collaboration, productivity, and employee experience in the hybrid work era? Read the full report.