Turn the Great
Disconnect into the
Great Reconnect

Key takeaways

Discover what the Great Disconnect looks like in business communication and how it impacts companies, from budgets to burnouts.


  • Workers spend 7.43 hours each week trying to resolve miscommunication (yes, that’s pretty much a full day)
  • Companies lose $12,506 per employee, per year to ineffective communication (how many employees are in your org?)
  • For a company of just 50 employees, your cost adds up to $625,300 each year (ouch, see the math in the webinar) 


Then, turn toward the Great Reconnect to boost productivity and morale with key ways to recharge your workforce, especially in hybrid and remote work environments.

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Abbey Lunney is the Managing Director of the Thought Leadership Practice at The Harris Poll, a global consulting and market research firm that delivers social intelligence for transformational times. In this role, Abbey builds research-driven insights for clients across industries such as finance, automotive, education, health, and entertainment, among others. Designed to capture emerging tensions and trends from a future-forward lens, her work has been featured at Davos, Cannes, and SXSW, among others.

Abbey Lunney

Managing Director, Trends and Thought Leadership | The Harris Poll