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The New Language of Business: How an AI-Literate Workforce is the New Competitive Advantage

The integration of generative AI is no longer an option for businesses but a necessity. Gen AI can help companies accelerate high-quality content production, gain new insights, scale personalized customer outreach, and enhance overall communication quality. The introduction of gen AI isn’t just a technological upgrade. It’s a fundamental shift in how employees communicate and how businesses operate. It’s the new language of business.


However, your organization will only realize the benefits of gen AI if all of your employees are equipped to use the technology. Until everyone is empowered to “speak the same language” with gen AI, you’ll only see limited success—and right now, most workers (52%) say they don’t know how to use gen AI effectively. Enter AI literacy—perhaps the most important upskilling businesses need to do (and employees need to achieve) to reach enterprise-wide AI adoption and gain a competitive advantage.


No matter where you are in your journey, now is the time to invest in your employees’ gen AI literacy so that you can take the next step toward transforming your business and getting ahead of the competition.

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