Overcoming the Workplace Miscommunication Crisis With AI-Powered Solutions

We’re communicating in writing more than ever—but new data shows that the effectiveness of that communication is waning and eroding productivity. Business risks are rising as the need for crucial communication skills goes overlooked.


Building upon last year's findings about hidden miscommunication costs, our 2023 State of Business Communication report with The Harris Poll explores the deeper impacts of miscommunication on employee morale, productivity, and overall business performance.


Hear Abbey Lunney, managing director of trends and thought leadership for The Harris Poll and Matt Rosenberg, Grammarly's chief revenue officer discuss the latest data and key insights impacting companies today.


Discover ways to improve your business forecast with AI-powered solutions that drive stronger communication across your organization with this on-demand recording.

Join us March 22

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Meet our Speakers

Matt Rosenberg (Host)

Matt Rosenberg (Host) Chief Revenue Officer & Head of Grammarly Business

Matt Rosenberg leads all B2B revenue, operations, 
and growth for Grammarly Business, Grammarly for Education, and Grammarly for Developers. Previously, Matt was CRO of Compass and took the company into the Fortune 500, contributing to a more than eightfold increase in business growth. He also served as Eventbrite’s CRO and ran its Global Ticketing and Registration Business. Before that, he built and led ServiceSource’s global revenue organization.

Abbey Lunney (Guest)

Managing Director, Trends & Thought Leadership
The Harris Poll

Abbey Lunney uses data to decode human behavior and tell the stories of why people make the decisions they do. She builds research-driven insights for clients across industries, including finance, automotive, education, health, entertainment, and more. Designed to capture emerging tensions and trends from a future-forward lens, her work has been featured at Davos, Cannes, and SXSW, among others.