Master Digital Communication to Boost Hybrid Productivity

Companies adapted quickly to remote and hybrid models. Now that the dust has settled, leaders need to challenge their assumptions around productivity and communication for their workforce to thrive.

Watch IDC's latest workplace experience research, sponsored by Grammarly. Our guest speaker, Marci Maddox, research vice president of digital experience strategies at IDC, and host Amit Sivan, head of product for Grammarly Business, will discuss:

  • The current state, trends, and challenges of hybrid work
  • How the right workplace experience influences productivity
  • The rise of the conversational enterprise

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Meet Our Speakers

Amit Sivan (Host)
Head of Product, Grammarly Business

Amit Sivan has led B2B and B2C product teams at Google, Microsoft, and HP for over 15 years. He most recently led product efforts for Google's Duplex for Pixels and Consumers after serving as Director, Head of Product for Dynamics 365 Sales at Microsoft.

Marci Maddox (Guest)

Research VP, Digital Experience Strategies, IDC

Marci Maddox has 18 years of experience analyzing how global organizations use new technology to improve customer loyalty and user interactions through content. Her core research coverage includes creative tools, web content management systems, customer communications, digital asset management, and video platform solutions.