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Your employees are using generative AI. Ensure they’re doing it right.

In a study Forrester Consulting did for Grammarly in May 2023, nearly 70% of respondents said they use gen AI for some or all of their writing. However, 80% of those using gen AI for all of their writing work at companies that haven’t officially implemented it yet. 

The sooner your company adopts gen AI at an enterprise level, the fewer security and IT issues it will face down the road. Doing a company-wide gen AI deployment now will also help your team work more efficiently and effectively.

Download the study to learn how your company can create a deployment strategy that increases productivity while prioritizing security.


The Current State of Generative AI

Workflows are changing


of respondents said that gen AI will transform workflows across their company in the next year.1

Employees are racing ahead


of respondents who use gen AI for all of their writing are at companies that haven’t implemented gen AI.1

Employees are racing ahead


of respondents said their companies don't know how to evaluate the security of potential gen AI partners.1

Holistic strategies are in demand


of respondents said they need a gen AI solution that can be used across their organization in many different scenarios.1

Rowan Curan thumbnail

“Artificial intelligence is transforming global markets and enterprises of all sizes. Over the next year, this transformation will become a quiet revolution.” 2

Rowan Curran
Analyst, Forrester

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