5 Ways to Drive Student Success Through Better Writing

How higher ed can improve students' written communication - and prepare them for the future [NEW RESEARCH]

Written communication ranks as a top skill employers want to see in new graduates — and one that will become increasingly important in a workforce that communicates and collaborates digitally. But how can institutions make sure students get writing support without placing the burden on instructors who might not have the time or confidence required to give it?

Download the ebook for new Grammarly research from higher ed faculty and administrators on the key challenges to success in student writing and proven strategies to overcome them.

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Improve student written communication

In this ebook, you’ll learn how higher ed institutions can prepare students to communicate clearly in academic, professional, and personal settings by:

Overcoming HurdlesShowing students the value of writing across disciplines
Overcoming HurdlesHelping students understand the value of honesty and integrity in writing
Overcoming HurdlesGiving students support in the cloud-based, digital environment they need to thrive