The AI Revolution in Higher Ed: Creating Responsible Citizens and Fluent Professionals


Goldman Sachs estimates that some 300 million jobs could be affected by artificial intelligence. Consequently, a higher education experience that doesn’t incorporate generative AI will leave students unprepared to excel in the workforce.


Institutional leaders hold a responsibility to mold the next generation of AI-fluent professionals, which raises complex opportunities and challenges. How can institutions encourage students to use generative AI responsibly to enhance their learning and gain career-ready skills without compromising academic integrity?


It’s time for higher education to take the lead on generative AI, establish responsible standards and usage, and train students to use these tools alongside traditional learning methods. In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • How to thoughtfully drive AI experimentation with clear rules of engagement
  • How to encourage students to use generative tools as a complement to their learning, not a replacement for critical thinking
  • How to use generative tools to enhance the student experience with real-time support
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