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Pet cameos, virtual coffees, and group-chat kudos continued to define work in 2021. We came up with 10 new words to reflect the hybrid work era. Cast your vote for the Business Word of the Year.

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Me-ssential | mē·ˈsen·​tial  


Self-care items or time that you prioritize, such as blocking out calendar time for walks or setting boundaries.
"Noon to one is me-ssential time.”

Rethrival | re·​ˈthrīv·​al

The process of coming back after the pandemic even stronger than before.
“We’re experiencing a rethrival thanks to our new hires.”


Communigreat | com·​mu·​ni·ˈ​grāt 

A team member with stellar communication skills.
“Sara’s a communigreat: Her notes are always clear and complete.”

Stratiskilled | ˈstrat·is·kild

Strategically skilled; focused on growth specific to your goals.
“José is a stratiskilled negotiator and leader.”

Flexpert | ˈfleks·pərt 

That teammate who always figures out what to do and how to do it—and they make it look easy.
“Tess is a flexpert. They led the project successfully, despite all the challenges.”

Fur bomb | ˈfər ˈbäm 
When your pet makes a cameo during a videoconference meeting; a cat-specific version can be a purr bomb.
“Erin, you’ve got a fur bomb sleeping behind you, and it’s really cute.”

Greenhousing | ˈgrēn·hau̇·zing 
Staging your work area with your best plants to boost your mood or to improve your background during video calls.
“Steven is the best at greenhousing. It’s like he’s working in a tropical forest.”

Jammagabbing | ˈjä-məˈgab·ing
Wearing pajamas during work calls
“Meetings before 10 a.m. are cameras-off because the whole team is jammagabbing.”

Blursday | ˈblərz-dā
A day that feels so long that you no longer know what day of the week it is, as it feels like it’s been two or three days.
“Rachel’s not here yet because she dialed into tomorrow’s standup—must be a case of the Blursdays.” 

Spark-tacular | ˈspärkˈta-kyə-lər
A term used to describe work done so well that it shines.
“Rashad did a Spark-tacular job on the Q4 presentation. The client actually stood up and applauded at the end of the call.”

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