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Back-to-School Webinar with Grammarly: Responsible AI for the Entire Institution

Faculty, educators, and students are returning to campus for the new academic year at a time of significant ongoing technological disruption. The 2023-24 academic year will be the first in which generative AI has been a major consideration for everyone across the institution, from administrators grappling with what it means for student learning, to individual students considering how to use the technology effectively and ethically.



Join Grammarly for Education for a relevant and practical discussion on how generative AI can be implemented efficiently and responsibly across the institution in ways that enhance student learning-not detract from it. Plus, learn about new student features that Grammarly is launching to facilitate more transparent and effective use of generative AI in the classroom.





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Meet Our Speakers

Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore

Director of the Business Communication Program,
University of Texas at Dallas Jindal School of Management

Dr. Sarah Moore is the Director of the Business Communication Program and Center at The University of Texas at Dallas. As director, she oversaw technology initiatives to bring tools like Grammarly and an AI ATS simulator to the school’s 10,000 students. Dr. Moore researches teaching and learning, including how AI tool use influences students and communicators.

Knar Hovakimyan

Jenny Maxwell

Head of Grammarly
for Education,

Jenny Maxwell is the Head of Grammarly for Education. Jenny has more than fifteen years of experience in the education/ed-tech space and over twenty years of experience in sales and leadership. Before joining Grammarly, Jenny led the higher education team at Pearson, the world’s largest education content provider.