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Bringing AI Literacy to the Higher Ed Institution

Within the debate over the role of AI in the present and future of learning, a wide range of valid concerns and enthusiasm can sometimes mask a fundamental truth: AI is dramatically changing teaching and learning and will continue to do so in future years. How should institutions work with their varied stakeholders to ensure they are fully considering the pitfalls and promises of new AI technologies in ways that lead to more effective learning and institutional outcomes?



In this webinar on demand, you’ll learn about one institution’s attempt to raise the AI literacy of everyone they employ and educate. Dr. Leo Lo, Dean and Professor of the College of University Libraries and Learning Services, leads the University of New Mexico’s AI Empowerment Initiative. The initiative aims to enhance AI literacy across the university to ensure responsible and effective use. In this wide-ranging fireside chat, you will hear how UNM is approaching AI literacy at scale, encompassing faculty training, evaluation criteria, academic integrity guidelines, and new courses for non-technical students. This webinar is ideal for any decision-maker, faculty member, or educator grappling with how to implement a thoughtful AI policy that considers the full spectrum of benefits and challenges.



Meet Our Speakers

Dr Leo Lo

Dr. Leo Lo

Dean and Professor of the College of University Libraries and Learning Services,
The University of New Mexico

Dr. Leo Lo serves as the Dean and Professor at the College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences at University of New Mexico. He is also the President-Elect of the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL). His work centers on integrating AI into library services and advancing AI literacy. Currently, he spearheads the university’s AI Empowerment Initiatives, which aim to elevate the community’s AI literacy and teach intelligent, responsible use of the technology. Dr. Lo holds a doctorate degree in Higher Education Management from the University of Pennsylvania, an MLIS from Florida State University, and master’s degrees in both Screenwriting and Survey Research.

Knar Hovakimyan

Jenny Maxwell

Head of Grammarly
for Education,

Jenny Maxwell is the Head of Grammarly for Education. She has more than fifteen years of experience in the education/ed-tech space and over twenty years of experience in sales and leadership. Before joining Grammarly, Maxwell led the higher education team at Pearson, the world’s largest education content provider.