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The Employability Equation: It’s Not All About AI, but It’s a Lot About AI

Generative AI is revolutionizing the skill sets needed for success in the modern workplace. This isn't just another tech trend—it's a seismic shift impacting every role, threatening to replace long-standing professional competencies. 

Today's professional expectations are in flux across all fields and majors, not just technical ones. Educators and administrators are scrambling to overhaul their curricula and teaching methods to equip students with the AI skills necessary for future success.

While generative AI brings new challenges, the opportunities far outweigh them for those ready to adapt.

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  • The current state of career-readiness programs in higher education
  • Workforce trends and expectations shaped by generative AI
  • How to create a structured yet authentic learning environment for AI proficiency and essential human skills
  • Nine actionable strategies for achieving career readiness today