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Applying Generative AI Across the Institution

We’re over two months into the academic year, and attitudes toward generative AI technologies continue to evolve. Increasingly, more faculty and administrators are asking “how” instead of “why” when it comes to implementing generative AI into their workflows and coursework. While the initial tendency to police generative AI has dissipated, the question of “how” to implement it at scale is still difficult for many institutions to answer, particularly regarding responsible use that enhances learning rather than detracts from it.



Access this webinar on-demand for an interactive discussion on generative AI adoption trends in higher education as we approach the end of the calendar year. Topics include where adoption resistance remains and how to implement generative AI technologies effectively to address specific higher education use cases. With insightful commentary from gen-tech expert Sid Dobrin and practical Grammarly for Education demos, viewers will better understand how generative AI impacts institutions today and how they can embrace it for more successful learning outcomes over the remainder of the academic year and into the future.



Meet Our Speakers

Sid Dobrin

Sid Dobrin

Chair and Professor of English,
University of Florida

Sid Dobrin has been identified as a global thought leader in generative AI. He is the author of Talking About Generative AI: A Guide for Educators and the textbook AI and Writing. His collection Artificial Intelligence and the Humanities is forthcoming from Parlor Press, and he is currently writing a book about the future of gen-tech. Over the past six months, he has delivered more than two dozen talks and workshops about generative AI to educators, administrators, researchers, and students across the US, Australia, and Southeast Asia. He has been named a digital thought leader by Adobe and serves as a member of the Florida Institute for National Security (FINS), part of the UF AI Initiative.

Knar Hovakimyan

Jenny Maxwell

Head of Grammarly
for Education,

Jenny Maxwell is the Head of Grammarly for Education. Jenny has more than fifteen years of experience in the education/ed-tech space and over twenty years of experience in sales and leadership. Before joining Grammarly, Jenny led the higher education team at Pearson, the world’s largest education content provider.