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The 2024 State of Business Communication: Higher Ed Insights

With the swift adoption of AI, the world of business communication is going through a profound transformation. The future success of students will hinge on how well educators and administrators understand this transformation and use those insights to foster their student’s professional readiness.


As the title suggests, this report focuses on communication in the business world, surveying professionals primarily in knowledge-working roles. However, it's crucial for educators to be deeply familiar with this world in which many of their students will soon be entering. Understanding the dynamics of the modern workplace and what business leaders prioritize is essential for preparing students effectively.


Unlock Grammarly’s latest research to get a glimpse into the dynamic workplaces awaiting your students. We hope this report inspires educators to harness the transformative power of generative AI and equip students with AI fluency as an invaluable competitive advantage.

2024 State of Business Communication