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Career-Readiness 360: Comprehensive Preparation From High School to Higher Ed to the AI-Connected Workplace

The immediate need for AI proficiencies, paired with lingering pandemic-induced achievement gaps, has created significant cliffs for students transitioning into both college and careers. Over the past eighteen months, educators and administrators have been shifting strategies to supplement rather than supplant competencies students need to possess today while also fostering the new technical and durable skills students need to effectively enter and succeed in the workforce. 

This session will examine the complete career-readiness equation for students, including high school, higher education, and the future workplace. It will uncover hidden gaps in student preparation, areas for multiyear momentum, and collective strategies to develop the future AI-literate workforce. 

In this session, Dr. Kent Willis, Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management at California State University, Fresno, and Tinisha Hamberlin, Chief Impact Officer, 360 Levelup Coaching+Consulting and Assistant Superintendent of Eastside Union School District, will share their experiences and strategies for best preparing students for successful careers and lives. 

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How to navigate generative AI’s moving target for career-readiness programs 
  • The new perception of professionalism and the added importance of durable skills for tomorrow’s workers
  • How to use technology and emotional intelligence to close existing achievement gaps while instilling net new AI competencies
  • Why we need to prioritize investment, not just equity, across experiences, accessibility, and career readiness
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Meet Our Speakers

Kent L. Willis, Ph.D.

Kent L. Willis, PhD
Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
California State University, Fresno

Kent L. Willis, PhD, proudly serves as the Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management at California State University, Fresno (Fresno State). Before Fresno State, Dr. Willis held several academic and student affairs leadership roles at the University of Texas at Tyler.

As a strong advocate of student success and quality improvement in higher education, Dr. Willis firmly believes in the transformative power of education to change lives and uplift communities. He is a member of several boards, including the Council on Student Affairs of the Association for Public and Land Grant Universities (APLU). Additionally, he serves as a trustee on the boards of two universities. He also serves on the nonprofit board Bridge to College in Central California and other regional advisory boards.

Dr. Willis's passion for higher education stems from his personal experience as a student. He earned a bachelor's degree in communications from Stephen F. Austin State University (Texas). He later completed a master’s degree in education and a PhD in Educational Leadership and Management from Hampton University in Virginia. He is also a Fellow with the Center for Studies in Higher Education at the University of California-Berkeley.

Tinisha Hamberlin

Tinisha Hamberlin
Chief Impact Officer, 360 Levelup Coaching+Consulting
and Assistant Superintendent
Eastside Union School District

Tinisha Hamberlin is a visionary leader committed to driving impactful change and fostering growth in educational communities. Hamberlin currently holds the esteemed position of Chief Impact Officer at 360 Level Up Coaching+Consulting, where she leads initiatives to catalyze transformation and empower individuals and organizations to thrive.

Adding to her impressive portfolio, Hamberlin has recently been appointed Assistant Superintendent of a K-8 district in Los Angeles County, expanding her sphere of influence within the educational landscape. Before these pivotal roles, Hamberlin was Director of Educational Support and Services at Learn4Life Schools. She demonstrated exceptional leadership in this capacity, overseeing programs across Los Angeles County and significantly elevating student achievement while ensuring operational excellence.

Before her tenure at Learn4Life, Hamberlin made notable contributions as a program manager for the AVID program, where she played a key role in promoting college readiness and academic success across multiple school districts statewide. Her leadership as principal in the Oakland Unified School District was marked by innovative initiatives and collaborative partnerships that enriched the educational experience for students and families.

Hamberlin's academic journey reflects her dedication to continuous learning and growth. She has a bachelor of arts in Journalism from Baylor University and dual master of arts degrees in Educational Leadership and; Administration from California State Northridge. Currently pursuing an EdD in Educational Leadership for Teaching and Learning at Liberty University, she remains steadfast in her pursuit of excellence.