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The Employability Equation: How to Equip Graduates With Skills That Endure in an AI-Oriented Future

Employers are turning to recent graduates to close AI competency gaps across their workforce. This puts a premium on AI-literate graduates as well as institutions with a reputation for producing workforce-ready professionals. However, to capture this competitive edge for students and institutions, educators need to have an intimate understanding of the future workforce and reverse engineer what and how they teach to enable students to get hired and excel in their first jobs. 


Watch Saurabh Sanghvi, Partner at McKinsey & Company, who is in charge of developing bold strategies to improve both educational and employment outcomes. Sanghvi’s multifaceted experience allows him to connect the dots between higher education and workforce employability, human potential and technological advancement, and rapid innovation and meaningful sustainability. 


Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • A firsthand McKinsey perspective on how generative AI is changing the workplace and what that means for higher education.
  • Insights on the job market facing new graduates and the skills and perspectives they need to attain in their education. 
  • A consultant’s perspective on how to reorient your institution’s career preparation across all disciplines in order to ensure graduates have the skills and competencies necessary for success in an uncertain future. 

AI may fundamentally change how we teach and work—but it won’t be overnight. This session will help institutions better equip their current classes for the AI-connected workforce while creating the flexibility to evolve as new AI demands emerge.

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Meet Our Speakers

Cliff Archey

Cliff Archey
Lead Product Marketing Manager at Grammarly

Cliff Archey is the Lead Product Marketing Manager for education institutions and students at Grammarly. Cliff has over a decade of experience in education as a teacher, college-to-career coach, and ed-tech product marketer in K-12 and higher ed. 

Saurabh Sanghvi

Saurabh Sanghvi
Partner at McKinsey & Company

Saurabh is a partner in McKinsey’s Bay Area office and a leader for the firm’s education and economic development work. Saurabh works with public, private, and not-for-profit organizations around the world on topics related to affordability and access, L&D training, business building, education technology, growth strategy, higher education, innovation, sustainability, and workforce and economic development. Saurabh is passionate about how humans and technology can better support improving education and employment outcomes with a particular emphasis on historically disadvantaged and underserved individuals.