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Deliver Peak Marketing Performance by Cutting Communication Overload

Marketing teams are in a constant race against time, spending 42 hours a week solely on communication tasks. That’s not to mention the time needed to build up the brand, craft amazing customer experiences, and drive revenue. Now, generative AI presents an additional layer of complexity for marketing leaders as they try to unlock new efficiencies while managing risk. 


How can marketing deliver peak performance in the era of communication overload? 


Watch this on-demand session for new data to help marketing leaders cut through the noise and zero in on immediate and long-term strategies that matter. We'll shine a spotlight on marketing inefficiencies, quick-win opportunities, and how gen AI can streamline workloads, foster creativity, and open up new avenues for productivity.

April 18
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Meet our Speakers

Lena Waters

Lena Waters
Chief Marketing Officer
Lena Waters is Grammarly’s Chief Marketing Officer. She leads marketing strategy, focusing on delivering the brand promise to customers, driving demand for products, and growing revenue to scale the company. Effective communication and bringing clarity to every interaction have always been important to Lena. She believes deeply in Grammarly’s mission to improve every communication and make life better for customers. Prior to Grammarly, Lena scaled global consumer and B2B teams at highgrowth companies like DocuSign, Lookout, and Responsys. With her passion for storytelling, data, and experiences, Lena has been at the forefront of digital and enterprise marketing for over two decades, specializing in demand and lifecycle marketing, product-led growth and growth marketing, brand creative and digital strategy, field and event marketing, and marketing operations and technology. Her second job is serving as an unpaid roadie and novice videographer for her son’s Cajun music performances around the San Francisco Bay Area. Lena holds a Bachelor of Commerce in marketing from the University of Northern British Columbia in Canada, and lives in Moraga, California, with her husband and son.

Libby Rodney

Libby Rodney
The Harris Poll
Chief Strategy Officer
Libby Rodney is the Chief Strategy Officer at The Harris Poll. She is at the intersection of data, culture, business, and the future. Her future-forward insights help clients anticipate what's next and develop a differentiated position around it. As a widely sought-after speaker, strategist, and connector of culture, Libby previously ran strategic brand departments within WPP and Publicis Groupe agencies. An early founding partner of Chief, her research has been on the stages of Davos, Cannes, SXSW, and CES. And as creator/co-host of The Harris Poll’s, America This Week Podcast and writer behind The Next Big Think! Libby is always focused on what's next.