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The CX Lever To Improve Customer Outcomes: Better Communication

Customer experience (CX) teams are the frontline ambassadors of your company. They talk to your customers daily, handling all questions, issues, and complaints in real time. It’s safe to say that customer satisfaction, loyalty, and, ultimately, your bottom line hinges on their effective, efficient communication. 


This means CX has the most to gain from gen AI, yet they are the least likely team to adopt it. According to our 2024 State of Business Communication report, only 37% of CX workers use AI at work.


Hear from two CX leaders as they unveil new data from the report specific to how CX teams can optimize their daily communication with gen AI. They discuss teamwide inefficiencies and share how they plan to leverage AI to unlock more efficient, empathetic, and effective communication at scale. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and actionable strategies to stay ahead of the curve and elevate your CX operations. Watch on-demand now.

April 16
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Meet our Speakers

Kourtney Keaton

Kourtney Keaton
GM of Grammarly for Business
Kourtney is responsible for the health and growth of Grammarly for Business. Previously, she was the Vice President of US Sales at Compass, driving the growth that enabled a successful IPO and took the company into the Fortune 500. Prior to Compass, she spent over a decade in healthcare tech and consulting, working with the top payer, provider, and pharma companies in the US. She has built and scaled high-performing, highly collaborative sales and success teams for over 20 years.

Ellen Bunton

Ellen Bunton
VP of Support
Ellen is Vice President of Assurance and Support at Vistex, a global software and services company. Since 2004, she has dedicated herself to building and growing Vistex’s global assurance and support teams responsible for software testing, software release management, and product support. Still today, Ellen’s passion remains working with software developers and assurance and support teams to ensure a quality product is delivered to every Vistex customer. Ellen also provides strategic guidance and leadership across Vistex’s global offices, leveraging her experience in development, consulting, management, and executive leadership.