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Process Over Output: How AI Refines the Future of Writing Pedagogy

For centuries, writing has been the cornerstone of learning. In just a year, generative AI has completely disrupted writing as a practice and called into question its value to the learning experience.


Using Grammarly’s unique position as the leading writing assistant and our deep relationships with higher education institutions, we’ve spent the last year answering one of our customers’ biggest questions: What is the future of writing? 

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Considerations to effectively grapple with gen AI’s massive disruption to writing output
  • Why the writing process and instruction are more critical than ever but need to evolve 
  • What to expect as gen AI adoption and experimentation expand

Our co-founder, Alex Shevchenko, will join our lead Product Marketing Manager for Education, Cliff Archey, for a candid conversation on the future of writing. Join for a nuanced perspective on the process of writing and why teaching methodologies need to evolve to foster critical, creative, and original thinking through writing in their students. 

Wednesday, April 10, 10 a.m. PDT
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Meet Our Speakers

Alex Shevchenko

Alex Shevchenko
Head of Product, Intelligence, and Co-Founder

Alex Shevchenko is a co-founder of Grammarly. As the Product Lead, Alex oversees product development, ensuring that every aspect of Grammarly’s product gets the attention it deserves. He also serves on Grammarly’s board and helps introduce the newest team members to Grammarly’s history and product through Grammarly University’s onboarding sessions.

Cliff Archey

Cliff Archey
Lead PMM, Institutions and Students

Cliff Archey is the lead Product Marketing Manager for education institutions and students at Grammarly. Cliff has over a decade of experience in education as a teacher, college-to-career coach, and ed-tech product marketer in K-12 and higher ed.